How does the virtual fair work?
To familiarize yourself with what to expect on the day of the fair, please watch this video created by the host platform. 
Mon, 4 Jan, 2021 at 10:06 PM
What if I need to leave early?
The NYSAIS Job Fair to Promote Diversity is a four-hour event but you can feel free to come and go as time allows. Any time you enter the fair, you can get ...
Fri, 29 Jan, 2021 at 5:51 PM
Do you offer any assistance to candidates during the event?
If you have any technical issues during the job fair, you can visit with NYSAIS staff in our booth by clicking the orange chat button or by entering our boo...
Fri, 29 Jan, 2021 at 6:03 PM
Does NYSAIS offer any guidance to candidates?
We are offering free, 60-minute, live webinars with current independent school employees sharing wisdom and experience. All webinars will also be recorded t...
Fri, 29 Jan, 2021 at 6:05 PM