Each registered school will receive a booth to introduce candidates to their school, inform them of any opportunities, as well as serve as the place where candidates can come chat with the representatives from your school. You can customize the look and feel to try to attract candidates to visit your booth. 

As you can see in the below picture of a sample school, each booth has the ability to upload a photo to serve as your banner and include custom text on the main tab. There is also the ability to turn on a custom tab. In our example, we used the custom tab as an About Us tab to tell interested candidates more about our school and community. 

You may also list up to seven (7) open positions under Opportunities that candidates will be able to select when initiating a chat. If you have more open positions, that is fine too! Please post all of your open positions on the Job Fair Job Board to allow candidates to search them prior to the day of the fair. You can also list additional openings on the opportunities tab using the WYSIWYG editor.